About DHaRCO

We love riding bikes and want to look and feel good doing it.


We believe amazing fabric, a great fit and common sense technical features makes for great bike clothing.

We use simple, functional lines and allow MTB clothing to be influenced by street/surf wear.

So you feel more like you are wearing normal clothes, yet highly technical. We don’t believe in marketing gimmick features.

We focus on comfort and what we really want as riders.


DHaRCO comes from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Where we live means we are inspired everyday by Australian surf culture, and this is reflected in the style and design of our gear.

Mountain biking for us is a lifestyle and we want gear that reflects our way of life. A relaxed, casual vibe built on great friends, trails and shredding hard.

We also know that cool chicks ride, so we have an extensive ladies range for the girls to ride in style.


Our motto “no ordinary life” comes from the belief that mountain biking creates an amazing lifestyle.

Whomever you are in the day to day world, when you get on the bike life is just awesome. Any stress of the day is gone.

Biking gives you a sense of freedom, adrenaline, good times with mates.

Not to mention the amazing places we explore, the people and the respect for nature that it creates.

Can’t imaging life not planning the next MTB adventure, road trip or weekend shred! #noordinarylife

Designed to act, not look, like sportswear.

What does this really mean?

Simply, we aren’t like a lot of the major brands that think and design to make sportswear.

We design to make lifestyle clothing that makes us feel good. And we add in great tech to ensure they also ride great.


Fabric is the foundation of great bike clothing.

We source performance fabrics where the “performance element” is built into the yarns of the fabric, not a chemical applied afterwards.

This gives superior quick drying and moisture wicking performance and also means it won’t wash or wear out.

It is also more ecofriendly, and we like that!


Our Tech Tees are made of a patented performance sports material, drirelease, that has the look and feel of classic cotton, but keeps you cool, dry, comfortable and fresh.

Moisture Wicking

Our jerseys are made of moisture wicking, quick dry fabric. It's strong yet light and has amazing anti-odour properties to keep you fresher longer.

4-Way Stretch

Our Gravity Shorts are made with a 4-way stretch fabric for maximum movement. It has a soft brushed interior and a durable exterior and is the type of fabric you just don't notice you're wearing. It's also quick drying, breathable and has a water repellant exterior.

Did you know that DHaRCO stands for Down Hill Aussie Riding Collective?

The Collective of people, riders and the bike community is super important to us. Both in Australia as well as overseas.

You’re all part of The DHaRCO Collective!

We aim to give back as much as we can. We support riders, events and trail building  – both in Australia and overseas.

Check out a bit more about The Collective Riders and Organisations we work with.


We are blown away by the amazing feedback and positive stories coming from people using our gear.

We are stoked to deliver a high quality product to make your (and our) time better on the bike.

Trans-NZ Rider

I found in NZ when I had to pedal for a long time uphill the DHaRCO shorts stayed put and didn't bother me. I ended up deliberately wearing them over all my other shorts.

Team Rider

Honestly this is not because I ride for you, but these shorts are the most comfortable I've ever ridden with. They just don't get in the way.

Online Customer

Guys, your kit is awesome, your service is awesome and your Australian too. Great to buy from you. I will recommend to everyone I know. Keep it going. Love it.